UAN Registration and Activation – How to Generate UAN & Check UAN Status

The awareness of UAN or Universal Account Number is very imperative as the complete EPF process and the services related to it are made online through UAN. This is extremely user friendly and members can easily avail the many EPF services with only UAN for example – checking PF balance, withdrawal, and so much more. The very interesting bit is that it can be done without the assistance of the employer as well.

What is UAN?

UAN or Universal Account Number is allocated by the Employer to the employees who are contributing to Employee Provident Fund. It is issued by the Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). The UAN of the contributing members always remains the same throughout his entire career no matter how many jobs he switches. It is because EPFO generate and allocates a new member ID every time a member switches his job. This request is initiated by the new employer and hence this is where the employer plays a vital role. The members then disclose their UAN to the current employer. Once the member ID is created it is connected to the member’s UAN.

What documents are needed to generate the UAN?

Mentioned below are the documents that are required to generate the UAN:

  • Aadhaar card
  • Bank details – account number, IFSC code, branch name.
  • PAN card
  • ESIC card
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Ration card

How to find your UAN?

You can find your UAN through the below mentioned options:

  1. Through Employer – Generally UAN is allotted by the EPFO and issued by the employer. It can also be mentioned in the salary slips. In case it is not there, the members must get in touch with their employer.
  2. Through UAN Portal – This is possible with the help of member ID or PF number. The below mentioned steps must be followed for the same:

Step 1: – Visit the UAN Portal

Step 2: – Go to label “Know your UAN Status”

Step 3: – From the dropdown menu, choose the state and the EPF office and punch in your PF number and other details like – name, birth date, contact number and captcha code. You can find your PF number from the pay slip. Click on “Get Authorization Pin”

Step 4: – You will now get a PIN on your contact number which you will enter and then hit “Validate OTP and get UAN” tab.

Step 5: – You will now receive your UAN number on your contact number.

Generating UAN through Aadhaar Card

You can also self-generate your UAN through Aadhaar Card number. Follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • Go to the member portal of EPFO
  • Hit the link “Online Aadhaar Verified UAN Allotment”
  • Punch in your Aadhaar card number.
  • Hit “generate OTP”.
  • Punch in the OTP you got on your authorized mobile number and hit “submit”.
  • You will now be able to see your Aadhaar card details.
  • Hit “register”.
  • After registration, your UAN will be allotted.

Process to activate the UAN

Follow the steps to activate the UAN:

Check EPF Claim Status Online

  • Visit the page of EPF on – and then hit “For Employees” beneath “Our Services” tab.
  • Hit “Member UAN/Online services” which you will find services tab. You would then be redirected to the UAN portal, where you can hit “Activate your UAN” which is just beneath the “login” column.
  • Punch in your UAN, contact number, PF number and captcha code. Hit “Get authorization PIN” button. You will now get a PIN on your authorized mobile number.
  • Hit “I Agree” beneath the Disclaimer checkbox and punch in the One Time Password which you would receive on your contact number and hit “Validate OTP and Activate UAN”.
  • After the activation of your UAN, you will now get a password on your authorized contact number which would let your access your PF account.
  • In case you want to change your password, you can simply log on to the UAN Portal with the UAN and password that you will get on your contact number.

How to activate UAN

The following steps should be followed to activate the UAN on the official website of EPFO.

  • Choose “Activate UAN” option and activate your UAN with either Aadhaar or UAN or PAN
  • Post choosing any one of three options as listed above, you need to punch in your personal details inclusive of your contact number.
  • You will now receive an authorization PIN on your mobile number and after entering this you choose the option “Authorize and Activate”.

How to check the UAN status

Step by step process to check the UAN status is as under:

  • Go to the UAN Portal on the link –
  • Find out the page link for checking the UAN Status. You would be able to locate this link as it is located very prominently. Click on it and you will be redirected to another page.
  • Enter your PF Details on the new page and make sure that you are entering correct details.
  • Select the state where your PF office is registered. Ask for help in case you are not sure and if you are working in a different state. Try and get the idea from the first two initials of the state such as UP for Uttar Pradesh and MH for Maharashtra etc.
  • Select the region of your PF office as states can have many regions. UP alone, for instance, has 9 PF regions and this can be tracked from the next 3 alphabets of your PF number.
  • Post selecting the state and region, the other two columns of your PF details get automatically populated which you can confirm with your PF number.
  • Fill in the Establishment number which is the organization number as allotted by the PF office. Every employee of your company would have a similar establishment number and it is of 7 digits. It is also the first set of numbers in the PF number.
  • Enter your Extension number now which in most cases would be 000. It is also harmless to leave this field blank.
  • Enter your PF number now and it will be unique to your details. It is of 7 digits at the very max. You can easily locate this on your salary slip as most of the employers now print it on the pay slip.
  • Click on “Get Status” here you will now know if the UAN is allocated against your PF number or not. In case it is then you would know from the portal also.

Method to verify the UAN status

You can also verify the UAN status by following the below mentioned steps:

  • Go to the official website of EPFO at
  • Open the UAN Link and punch in the mandatory details of your PF.
  • Press Submit now.
  • Choose the region or state of your office and confirm your PF number.
  • Punch in your Organization Number and the extension number.
  • Now enter your 7 digit PF Number
  • Check the status of your UAN now as it will be shown as “Allocated” in case it is.

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UAN Registration and Activation - How to Generate UAN & Check UAN Status
  • UAN Registration and Activation - How to Generate UAN & Check UAN Status


Here are step by step guide for UAN registration & activation and all there things like how to check uan status, Generating UAN through Aadhaar Card etc..

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