PF Withdrawal Procedure – How to Withdraw PF Online with UAN?

EPF is abbreviation used for the Employee Provident Fund. It is basically a mandatory saving for the employees wherein they give a small portion of their compensation i.e. 12% of their basic salary every month. A matching amount is contributed by their company. This combined contribution, forms a corpus which is utilized to subsidize the retirement of the employee. EPF can be withdrawn by the employees either after the retirement or during the span of their job. There is a provision for such circumstances as well. But in case you want to just withdraw the PF online the following steps need to be followed.

EPFO introduced the process to make an online withdrawal of PF and it has made things convenient for general public. The Provident Fund Organization has made certain modifications in the process to make these withdrawals through online mediums. Now, the employees do not need to visit the PF office to submit the application or to the employer for the verification of the documents.

So, if a member is applying for Online EPF withdrawal or via unified Portal, the given conditions must be fulfilled:

  1. The UAN (Universal Account Number)must be activated. The phone number used for activation of UAN must be still functioning.
  2. The UAN must be KYC enabled and connected with the Aadhaar,PAN, and the Bank account details such as Bank’s Account number, IFSC code and other details

In case the conditions mentioned above are met, an individual can easily withdraw the provident fund corpus without the authentication of the previous company.

What is the procedure to request for online PF withdrawal?

The process for PF withdrawal through online medium is fairly simple. If the terms mentioned are fulfilled, your process of online PF withdrawal is just 5 clicks away. Below mentioned are the steps:

  1. Login on the official UAN Unified portal by clicking on the link below and entering the credentials along with the captcha code. UAN Portal
  2. HitManage and select KYC. In order to ensure that the KYC details is correct and authentic this step is necessary. This step involves re-verification of your KYC details just to make sure that they are punched in accurately. KYC details include the PAN and Aadhaar Card along with bank account details of the individual.
  3. Once the KYC is substantiated and found authentic, you may proceed by clicking on the Online Serviceslink and from the list, select “Claim”. If the KYC is not authenticated you must reach out the HR of your company instantaneously. Punch in the last 4 digits of your bank account to verify the bank account details and accept the Terms and conditions in the certificate of undertaking.
  4. After the individualhits on “Claim”, the particulars of the individual will be shown. These particulars are inclusive of KYC and other details pertaining to employment. Then, you can opt for “Proceed for Online Claim” link and submit your request for PF withdrawal claim.
  5. The final step involves choosing the claim that the individual needs. For instance, full settlement of PF, or Part withdrawal or pension withdrawal. All these choices can be seen under the tab – “I Want to apply for”. If the individual is not eligible for any of these withdrawals, according to the criteria of his tenure of service, there will be no choice displayed in the dropdown list.

After you choose the relevant claim, a comprehensive form will be shown which you would be required to fill and verify with the help of OTP,that you receive on the registered phone number, and then complete the submission of online claim. Once you submit the claim, you can easily check the status of the claim by choosing the “Track Claim Status” which you can find under the menu called “Online Services”.

If you are applying for online EPF withdrawal through UAN,you don’t need to submit any new documents. It is because the new process with EPFO now brings a lot of ease and convenient access to your saved money and as per the current EPF withdrawal process, it would only require a minimum of 30 days to process the EPF claim.

PF Withdrawal Procedure – How to Withdraw PF Online with UAN?
  • PF Withdrawal Procedure – How to Withdraw PF Online with UAN?


Now you can withdraw your EPF anytime and anywhere without even visiting EPF office and filling any forms. Within just some simple steps, which are mentioned here.

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