EPF Online Transfer – Step by Step Guide | How to Transfer PF Online

On changing the job, the employee must transfer the EPF to the new PF account in case he is not planning on withdrawing the money. For the online transfer of PF, few things have to be kept in mind.  When an individual moves from one organization to another they must and they need to transfer their Employee Provident Fund. This has now become very convenient with the help of 12 digit Universal Account Number or UAN as it is called. For the members of EPFO this process has now become easier and simpler as the PF account number doesn’t change.

Why one should transfer PF and not close the PF account?

While switching jobs and joining a new company, an individual has two options – Either to close the old PF account and get a fresh one opened or transfer the amount from one account to the other. It is considered wiser to transfer the funds from old PF account to the new PF Account. Previously, the transfer process involved a lot of paperwork, and going back and forth with the employer for example for submitting the transfer form from the previous employer to the new employer, but with help of online self-service portal by EPFO this process has become very hassle-free and easier.

What are the advantages of EPF Transfer?

  • If you are planning to close your old PF account in 5 years, the entire amount becomes taxable but on transferring the funds, you can get the hard earned money in full.
  • You can also avail the option of partial withdrawal of PF funds for reasons such as constructing or purchasing a house, for medical treatment, for own marriage or of daughter.
  • You can also earn the prevalent rate of interest from EPFO, which, in the long run becomes a considerably large sum due to compounding of interest.

How can you initiate the online transfer of EPF? 

The first and foremost step is to register yourself on the member portal of EPF. This registration process can be easily done on the website of EPFO India.

The individual also must access the “Online transfer claim portal” and can register for a transfer of EPF. You can login to this portal with the help of the credentials that you have for the unified member portal.

One of the easiest and convenient ways to transfer EPF is through Online Transfer Claim portal. You do not really need a UAN or an Aadhaar card number. You can easily make the use of OTCP portal and have your PF transferred through online medium. In this method, the member applies for fund transfer at the Online Transfer Claim Portal.

There is no document as such required for this but an authentication from either of your employer (Current or past) is required which again happens online. The member only needs to share the printout of their application with the concern company.

The pre-requisites to use this facility are:

  • The details with both the employers are matching and are same.
  • There shouldn’t be any inconsistence or glitch in their accounts.
  • The employer and the employee must be on good terms with each other.

It is also imperative to check whether the members are eligible for an online transfer claim or not. In certain scenarios, Form 13 also needs to be submitted.

PF transfer form – Form 13

For the traditional process of transferring the PF, you need to get the form 13 and fill in all the details that are required to be filled in. You can get this form online, or with any of your present or past employer. After thorough verification and authentication, the employer can now forward it to the EPF office. And then the EPF office transfers the entire amount to your bank account.


In case the members are eligible for making an online transfer of their provident fund, they can click ‘Request for transfer of funds’ link and punch in the PF number details of their past and present employer. It is mandatory for the verification of the claim from at least one of the employers – present or past. On entering the details, a PIN would get generated and they shall receive it on their verified contact number.

For the online application, a tracking ID would be generated so that the members can track the status of their application for online transfer. The Transfer Claim Form – Form 13 – can be kept in the computer for future use. You can print this form 12 out, and submit it to your employer after signing on it so that the process of claim submission could be initiated.

Few things to note:

The employer can check all requests pertaining to the claim, authenticate or rectify the details of the member, and can also accept and submit the transfer/withdrawal requests online through this portal.

The transfer claim forms can also be submitted either by the current or the previous employer.

Check out these steps  to Transfer of PF Funds Online

You can log into the portal of EPFO and enable the transfer of PF funds from one company to another. If you already have a Universal Account Number, you can easily transfer funds online. In case you don’t have your UAN number, you can get in touch with your employer for the same.

  1. Go to the official website of EPFO on https://unifiedportal.epfindia.gov.in/
  2. Create your login id based on your UAN details.
  3. You will be redirected to a page wherein you would have to punch in your UAN, contact number and current employer details such as state, region,number of the establishment and account number.
  4. On the EPFO site, you must now check if your account is eligible for a transfer or not. You need to enter the state and region where your employer was situated and find from the dropdown menu using the name or establishment number.
  5. After entering the details, hit “Check Eligibility”.
  6. You will now get a message if your account is eligible, or not. If it is eligible you can then register on the website of EPFO.
  7. All you need to do is submit your photo ID proof such aadhaar Card, Driving licence, PAN card, or passport etc. You will then receive a PIN from the website of EPFO on your mobile device which you need to authenticate.
  8. You would then proceed further after submitting the PIN.
  9. You would reach the EPFO Member Claims Portal where you can log in using the ID proof document number as well as the registered mobile number. Sign in and you will see all the options.
  10. On the top most tabs you can “Request for transfer of account”.
  11. Fill in PF transfer form now which has three wide components:
    • Firstly, enter your personal information. Except for your name and email address you need to enter the IFSC Code of your bank and your bank account number.
    • Enter the details of your previous PF account
    • Lastly, enter details of present PF account.

The claim form can be verified by your past or present employer and it may take some time on their end for the same.

  1. After you have filled in the form accurately, you can check once again by clicking on preview to make sure that your information entered is correct or not so that you can modify if anything is wrong.
  2. If the information entered is correct you need to enter the captchacode and again get PIN on your phone and then click on “I Agree”.
  3. After you have punched in the PIN, the transfer of the claim is initiated.

You can also verify the status of the transfer of funds with the help of this portal. In case of any issues you can enquire any of your employer current or past or can write in to EPFO directly. 

The other way to transfer is through EPFO member portal.

1) Login to the members’ portal of EPFO with the help of your UAN and password. You can find the link to log in on the right hand corner of the member’s portal.


2) Visit the tab named “Online Services”. You can find it on the main menu of the home page and choose “Transfer Request” to create an online request for transfer.

3) After you hit the “Transfer Request”link, you will be redirected to a page where all your personal details will be displayed. Authenticate whether those personal details are correct or not. These would be your EPF number, date of joining and date of birth. If these are not correct your claim request will not get processed.

4) After you authenticate your personal details, you can again go back to the Step 1 where you would be required to furnish the details of the past employer. And before that you must choose the choice of- Past employer or current employer – through which you wish to do the attestation of your claim form.

5) You can enter the details of past employer and press submit, and after this you will receive an OTP on your verified mobile number. After you verify your identity by punching in the OTP, your request will get submitted and an online pre-filled form will get generated. You must send the signed copy of this form to your current or past company.

6) The company you selected will get an online alert notification regarding the EPF transfer request and after thorough authentication your employment details, the company would forward the form digitally to the EPFO office and then your claim would get processed.
7) After this you would need to submit the request online. You can also verify the status of your claim in the menu “Track Claim Status” which you can find under the menu called “Online Services”.

This is how convenient, the process of PF fund transfer has become through the online means.

EPF Online Transfer - Step by Step Guide | How to Transfer PF Online
  • EPF Online Transfer - Step by Step Guide | How to Transfer PF Online


Now employees can EPF transfer online anytime and anywhere without even visiting EPFO office and filling any forms. Here are mentioned all steps to transfer EPF.

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